Our commitment to your safety

Modified Services and Policies due to COVID-19

Revised Rules and Services due to COVID-19

 The safety of our guests is always our highest priority. Here’s what we’re doing to ensure our guests’ safety (these health and safety measures include but are not limited to): 


  • We will communicate the code for our guest entrance keylock before arrival and have guests let themselves into the B&B. We will welcome guests in person when they arrive in the parking lot and check-in guests in the guest lounge, keeping "physical distancing”. 
  • If preferred, we can accommodate self-check-ins.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the guest entrance and in guest rooms. 


  • Upon arrival, guests will receive a breakfast item check-list for each day they are staying with us to pre-select the desired breakfast time and items. We will ask to have the check-list completed and deposited in the guest lounge by 6 pm the day before each breakfast. 
  • Breakfast will be served with physical distance in mind, including al fresco on the covered porch and our picnic table if the weather allows.

Remote Payment

  • Unless already pre-paid, we will take payment for your visit remotely. As usual, payment will be taken at the time of check-in. A receipt for your visit will be sent by email.

Room Service

  • As always, we respect your privacy and safety and will not perform room service during your stay. New towels and other supplies will be available upon request (please don’ t hesitate to ask).

Amendments and Updates

  • We encourage you to contact us at least a few days before your arrival so we can explain our amended services and any potential policy updates. No refund will be applicable if you don’t agree with our changes upon arrival.
  • We’re actively monitoring the situation. We will continue to respond based on the best advice of governments and public health authorities.
  • We reserve the right to make changes. Please be assured that all amendments and policy updates are being made with your and our protection in mind. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Guest rooms will be left vacant for at least 36 hours between stays to limit the potential presence of any virus residue on surfaces. This also allows us to intensively clean and disinfect the rooms. 
  • Linens and towels will be cleaned in the hot cycle, and we will disinfect laundry baskets after each use.
  • We will disinfect and sanitize high-touch surfaces. This includes wiping down any times that guests and owners come in contact with, including keys, doorknobs, tabletops, electronics, bannister and light switches. As well as sanitize soft surfaces and upholstery.
  • All dinnerware, including dinner plates, glasses, coffee cups and silverware, will be washed with the sanitizing cycle.


  • Guests that show non-compliance with our policies or government directives will be asked to leave the premises, billing for the stay will remain applicable.

We thank you for understanding and your cooperation.