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About Us - The owners and family


We, Frauke and Mike, moved to Mahone Bay from Vancouver, BC in September 2017. When we saw the listing of the property in February that year, we felt that our dream could come true. Mike had been a gardener for the Vancouver Parks Board for more than 30 years and finally wanted to garden for himself. Frauke moved to Canada from Germany in 1992 after here university studies and  was data analyst in Vancouver for over 20 years. Frauke has always dreamed of running a Bed and Breakfast. When we got here, we fell in love with the rolling hills of the property, the beautiful river that flows into Mahone Bay and its endless horizon. The house was a bit run down but we felt with lots of elbow grease we could make  this a nice home and lodge and share the house and property with guests, family and friends. We arrived in Mahone Bay in September 2017 and have loved every minute since. 

Frauke speaks German and English, Mike speaks English and a little bit of French.


Charlie is a very gentle giant, a Newfoundland Landseer, who moved into residence in April 2018 when he was eight weeks old. He loves cold weather and especially snow. His favourite season seems to be winter when he tries to eat all the ice and snow. In summer he spends a big part of the day curled up in the coolest corner he can find in the owner's quarter. Charlie loves everything that moves and children especially, so if you bring your children and they would like to meet Charlie, just let us know.


Elsa, a calico cat, packed up and moved in some time in October 2017, when she was seven years old. She mostly lives upstairs in the owner quarters during the day but at night she prefers to go hunting  outside. You will probably rarely see her. 

Both our pets are not allowed in the guest side of the lodge.